After watching the conditions faced by farmers in Madha taluka, we have started Madha Welfare Foundation (MWF). The purpose of MWF is to help farmers to be well equipped with new technologies in agriculture, which will intern help the society. Our aim is to provide help to needy people, directly or indirectly by society, to provide education, employment food and infrastructure.

Your Work..Our Hands..‚Äč

Madha Welfare Foundation(MWF) was incepted in Jul 2014. This has emerged after devastating Situations played by the frequent droughts because of lack of water and listening to agony of affected farmers in Solapur District.MWF is manifestation of human spirit in response to the outbreak due to lamented turmoil happening around. MWF is a movement with honest intentions to facilitate development of disadvantaged villages and lives of people which has now turned into a giant leaf. Hope this movement will keep coloring the lives of people in massive way. We are provide free education for the students those are economically backward, Up to date we have provided free education for 60+ students.

Solapur District of Maharashtra has been declared as a drought prone region. During this tensed situation the villages are even bounded with scarcity of water. To address and resolve this problem of scarcity of water and pathetic condition to villagers a NGO was setup in the month of July 2014 and  today it is known as Madha Welfare Foundation (MWF).The ideology of MWF is to help the farmers community and needy people of in and around Madha Taluka. We believed in building the right advanced and technological methods which will help us to address problems faced by them. MWF indeed pledgea to help and assist all the needy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build sustainable and progressive society by facilitating development in rural areas and working on different issues like infrastructure, education, employment, food and other allies. To develop an environment where farmers can cultivate crops & produce yield even drought conditions with the help of advanced technologies in agriculture.

Our Team

Dhanraj Shinde

Yuvraj Shinde

Rahul Varpe

Yashwant Bhosale

Tohit Sayyad

Dr. Rajita Raina

Mahesh Doke

Digvijay Kambale

Mayur Shinde

Anand Panbude

Mahesh Markad

Laxman Varpe

Mrs. Madhuri Deshmukh

Ajinkya Shinde