Advance Farming

If we believe to change India then we need to bring better and modern techniques to our farms. Madha Welfare Foundation in association with NRCP has arranged educational sessions for farmers for advanced farming. It is always important to understand like how you can increase your productivity and increase your yield. The training has addressed various points like future steps, modern techniques, technology in farming, farm mechanization , etc

Madha Welfare Foundation has gone ahead and brought Israel based company named Netafim in Madha Taluka. The company and their representative visited the villages and shared various advantages of modernization in agriculture. MWF & Netafim jointly signed an agreement for increase in Drip irrigation.

  • FARM PONDS    

Alegaon being another story of the reservoir renovation. We have put our efforts to renovate a farm pond with the capacity of 1 Crore 50 Lakh litres which is 50% more than any kind of constructed farm ponds. Because of Madha Welfare foundation’s initiative , this has helped not only to farmers but also to who are into the job of dairy and livestock development. 

To take the advantage of better irrigation avenues , MWF has gone steps ahead in providing Farm ponds facility to various farmers for better crop production and protective irrigation.

  • Farmers’ Study Tours organized by Madha Welfare Foundation

On 9th June 2017, a study tour was organized by Madha Welfare Foundation, to show about 250 small and marginal water defficient and economical backwords farmers of Madha Taluka and explain the benefits of water conservation.

Madha Welfare Foundation has always insisted on the beneficial initiatives for the farmers. At present, when the farmers are suffering from drought situation, we need to provide proper guidance to farmers to improve their economic condition and thus a Farmers study tours was organized.

During this visit, the fellow farmers have received information on the best farming practices from Mr. Rajnedra Deshmukh from Barshi who has successfully produced tones of dates, custard apple and Dragon fruits. His success was enormous and was inspiring to many villagers. There was a great discussion among the fraternity and they have discussed and shared their best practices and learning’s with people around.

Beside this we have also met Mr. Devidas More who was honored with Krishi Bhushan award from Bavi of Madha Taluka. Who shared information and ideas on repairing of wells and his ongoing projects on water conservation.

In addition to this we visited Mr. Sopan Londhe, a farmer from Kurdu who is into the secondary business of honey production, the farmers have also witnessed the best practices of bee keeping and honey Production.

At this point of time, due to the drought-hit , farmers will be in a position to make financial prosperity by using innovative farming in the fields, through the Madha Welfare Foundation.