Road Develoment

Road connectivity is the urge of the hour. Today in India whatever you cultivate needs to reach in time and in proper condition to the consumers in the towns and cities. The journey of a crop from the field to the houses can be accomplished if there is a good road connectivity. To bridge the gap MWF was one among the enthusiast non profitable organization who have worked day and nights to make it possible. There are many activities which we have done and few among them are mentioned below.
  • Pimpalner – Shedshinge:
Decades of years of demands came true when Madha welfare Foundation stepped in to make a road connecting this two villages. MWF has been instrumental in reducing the travelling distance of 9 KMS to 3 KMS. What was projected as per government rates Rs. 3.60 Lakhs Project, we have achieved in just Rs. 87  Thousand Only.
  • Bhoinje – Aahergaon
Its patch of 1300 meters of road has been developed in just Rs. 28 Thousand only whereas if we would have gone through the Government rates then the project would have consumed a hefty amount of Rs. 3.20 Lakhs.
  • Pimpelner – Donawadi
Another small patch developed to connect people for this two villages in just Rs. 15 Thousand against a government projection of Rs. 40 Thousand.
  • Tambve Village Development
Works that have been pending for years of various inhabited roads have been restructured by the Madha Welfare Foundation and Tambwe Gram Panchayat and through Tambwe villagers. Madha Welfare Foundation even did the broadning and deepning of the nala in the village. This has helped in increasing the ground water levels. The villagers expressed their satisfaction in the villages due to fundamental works.Speaking on this occasion, We gave a detailed statement on water conservation, soil conservation and school education, and promised to co-operate with the village development. At the same time, We also called out for the people’s participation.The work of 1100 meter road of Tambwe village was done for only Rs.36,000 rupees. The government price for this work was Rs.770 lakhs. About 7.36 thousand rupees were saved.